Get the full autumn/winter fly fishing experience and book our huchen guide service Slovenia.

Fishing for huchen is the pinnacle of fly fishing in Slovenia. Between the months of October and mid-February, regardless of rain, snow or cold temperatures, the hunt is on. Slovenians call the huchen the “fish of a thousand casts”, as it is truly challenging to trick them into striking your streamer. Our huchen guide fly fishing Slovenia package can help you get to the best pools and ensures you have the appropriate gear, ideally leading to a hit from one of those beasts that can mean holding the fish of a lifetime.

Our full day huchen guide service Slovenia package usually starts early in the morning and ends in the dark. Dawn and dusk are the best times to fish as huchen are ambush predators and prefer to hunt under the cover of darkness. However, there are numerous occasions when huchen have been seen chasing prey in the middle of the day, especially in the winter months and at higher flows. We use big flies which we strip or swing at different depths and we do our best to be as stealthy as possible.

Huchen fishing has a long, rich tradition in Slovenia and many of the traditions – like only fishing in pairs – live on today. In the past, only nobility and higher political officials were allowed to fish for huchen. Eventually, regular fisherman were allowed to try for this marvelous fish, but restrictions were put in place to protect populations. A respect and care for this fish – the King of the Water – remains strong in today’s fishing clubs. The river conservation work that Rok and Leeway Collective are active in, are helping to protect the delicate aquatic ecosystems that these fish rely on, enabling populations to be healthy and sustainable, allowing us to fish for them. Many Slovenian rivers, like Sava Bohinjka, Sava, Ljubljanica and Kolpa are still home to huchen that can weigh up to 25 kilograms.

BBC’s Earth’s Great Rivers documentary series featured the some of the work
we are doing to protect Slovenian rivers.

Our huchen guide service in Slovenia offers a chance to go after one of these spectacular fish, a pursuit that has become an obsession for many and a focus for serious anglers looking for a trophy fish. However, this can be a gruelling type of fly fishing; wading in ice cold water on an overcast day with snow flurries and repeating cast after cast. But when you feel the abrupt hit and instant load on your road, it becomes all worth it. Catching a huchen is something a fly fisherman will never forget.

• daily transportation to the river, from the predetermined meeting point
• customized guiding and instruction
• a couple photos of the experience