We provide a fly fishing guiding service tailored to meet the requests of the client. Our fly fishing guiding Slovenia packages are unlike any other guiding service in Slovenia.

Our fly fishing guiding Slovenia packages cater to all experience levels.
Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, our personalized approach ensures that each trip is tailored to the specific interests and skill level of the client. From learning to cast, to learning about the subtle art of landing a big fish on a dry fly, our knowledge of the rivers of Slovenia ensures your day on the water is one to remember.

How does Rok Fly Fishing provide a unique and unforgettable guided fly fishing adventure in Slovenia? 
– As a biologist, Rok will share his knowledge of the local ecosystems to give you a deeper understanding of the region’s stunning natural beauty.
– As a Patagonia fly fishing ambassador, he is immersed in ongoing efforts to protect the last wild rivers in Europe through the Save the Blue Heart campaign.
– And as a former Olympic rower, he knows the importance of dedication, persistence and patience to reach goals – in fishing and in life. 

Catching fish while protecting rivers.
We are as passionate about providing quality fly fishing guiding in Slovenia as we are about protecting our precious aquatic ecosystems. Leeway Collective – Institute for Promotion and Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems is the foundation for our fly fishing guiding Slovenia packages. It is a non-profit environmental organization and a portion of the income generated from our fly fishing guiding Slovenia packages is used to fund river conservation activities. In this way, fishing with Rok Fly Fishing is both an experience in fly fishing but also an investment into preserving rivers. Fishing with Rok Fly Fishing makes a difference, but in the end the focus is on getting fish hooked.

Adapting to weather, water levels and fish behaviour. 
There are many factors to consider when fly fishing. As locals, we know the rivers in all their moods, and will ensure you experience wild pools and stunning places through our fly fishing guiding Slovenia packages, regardless of the weather. We offer various options on where to fish, which species to target and when to fish, so please contact us if you have specific questions. As a small local outfitter, we focus on quality and experience.

Understanding the secret life of fish.
By having a guide who is also a biologist, we provide clients with a unique fly fishing experience including added insight and information on fish, ecosystems and conserving them for future generations of anglers. We are dedicated to ensuring you experience the best of guided fly fishing Slovenia.

Striving to provide the best guided fly fishing experience in Slovenia.
Listed as a trustworthy organization on Responsible Travel, we believe that responsible and sustainable fishing is the key to preserving the beauty of our rivers and nature. By taking you to breathtaking locations and giving you the opportunity to catch some of the most sought-after fish, the rivers of Slovenia will hold a special place in your heart.

For individual questions and inquiries, please email to and we will get back to you.