If you are pressed for time and trying to maximize the days and hours you have in Slovenia, then book our half day guided fly fishing Slovenia trip and experience Slovenia’s rivers in the morning or evening light.

Whatever suits you; AM or PM. Fish are active in both parts of the day, it’s just about figuring out what they are after and their microlocations. We will gladly share that info with you, so come and get your feet wet and your fly line singing.

If you choose our morning guided fly fishing Slovenia trip, then we usually meet around 8 and fish until 1 PM, however custom hours can be arranged. This time of day is special because you will get to experience the river as she wakes up. Birds and wildlife are active, enjoying the cooler weather before the sun is high. Depending on the conditions, this can be a great time of day for fly fishing with streamers, stripping a larger fly through the water in the hopes of a big hit from a marble lurking in the shadows. Or, it can be time for some delicate nymphing, watching the fly in the clear water as a fish comes to inspect and bite.

If the afternoon suits you better, our afternoon guided fly fishing Slovenia trips usually starts around 3 PM and we fish till dusk – which is dependent on the time of the year, but generally is around 8 PM. Afternoons and evenings by the river are also quite special, with sunset hues bathing the river and mountains in warm light. Nocturnal animals are starting to wake up, and spotting a deer drinking from the river, or listening to owls as they start their evening hut, adds to the experience of wild Slovenian nature. In the right conditions, this is a great time for casting some dry flies and experiencing the exhilaration of a fish rising for a take.

Both our morning and afternoon guided fly fishing Slovenia trips mean 5 hours of fishing action, exploration, learning and enjoying.

• transportation to the river from the predetermined meeting point
• customized guiding and instruction
• a couple photos of the experience